I’ve Got Your Number | Sophie Kinsella| Book Review
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I’ve Got Your Number | Sophie Kinsella| Book Review


I’ve got your number by Sophie Kinsella is a story of Poppy.

Poppy was enjoying herself with her girls, having a great time only to be followed by a big meltdown. She realized that she lost the one thing that she shouldn’t have, her wedding ring!

Running around the entire hall, she searched every corner, asked the cleaners for help and cursed herself for being this careless. In this panic, she also lost her phone.

In the desperation to find her ring, she picked up a phone which was in a dustbin. She hoped that someone who found her ring would contact her. It turns out that the phone belonged to someone’s secretary and that someone was Sam Roxton.

Plot: 4/5

Writing Style: 5/5

Overall: 4.5/5

Genre: Fiction, Love Story

Author: Sophie Kinsella

My thoughts on I’ve Got Your Number

The title of this book gave me the impression that this will be a complete love story. Little did I expect all the humour, drama and mystery that this book gets to the table.

Poppy is a sweet and simple girl, sometimes she comes across as a little too nice with her tendencies of texting and adding so many kisses to texts of people she barely knows. She has people-pleasing tendencies and finds it difficult to say no or confront someone. On top of that, she did not even know that it wasn’t normal behaviour. She thought she was just being kind and making others happy.

Magnus, Poppy’s fiancé came from a well-educated family, Poppy calls them a family of geniuses. They consume a wide variety of complex literature and publish their work in magazines and books. There is a stark difference between them and Poppy, who is just a simple physiotherapist. She finds it difficult to get along with them.

Sam Roxton on the other hand is a handsome man who works for White Global Consulting. He is well-organized and methodical in his approach. Although he had told her not to, Poppy still went through his personal emails from his secretary’s phone and formed an opinion of him. She thought his replies were too cold and boring. Also she felt he did not value the people in his life. She tries to help him by replying to emails on her own. Poppy’s style invites a hell lot of problems and also some solutions.

What I appreciate about Sam is that he did not lash out at Poppy although she had stirred a great deal of trouble for him by replying to his emails. He didn’t have to and yet he helped her out.

‘All I can say is, she is the one I think about, and she is the face I hoped to see’.

Positive Points of I’ve Got Your Number

The gripping mystery of who took the ring was the most interesting one to solve and the author did not make it easy or obvious at all. While anyone would blame Poppy’s friend Analise for the mishap, she was just a distraction to keep the true culprit hidden. Analise had swapped appointments with Poppy and the patient turned out to be Magnus. That is how he met her.

The climax of this book is something to look out for. It changes everything and leaves you surprised. It wasn’t at all predictable.

Watching Poppy’s friendship develop with Sam Roxton is so refreshing. They went from strangers who see each other as an inconvenience to wanting to be next to each other. They helped each other at every step and solved their problems together. It’s a stroke of luck to find someone like that and Poppy was indeed very lucky to have found him before she got married. I rather not say what happened to Magnus to avoid spoilers. There were hilarious moments with the Tavishes that will make you squirm with second-hand embarrassment. You will wonder how Poppy gets herself into such situations in the first place.

Overall I’ve got your number is a refreshing read. I read a book by Sophie Kinsella for the first time and now I am excited to read other books by this author as well.

‘He is the one I think about all the time he’s is the voice I want to hear, when my phone beeps I hope it’s him’.

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