The King of Wrath | Ana Huang| book Review
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The King of Wrath | Ana Huang| book Review

Usually choosing a book was all about what I wanted to read but this time I decided to try reading a piece that everyone was talking about. I usually have a limited palate for love stories and would rather prefer adventure and fantasy. The King of Wrath however was a really good pick for a love story and I am glad I came across this book.

Plot: 4/5

Writing Style: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

Genre: Fiction, Love Story

Plot summary

Dante Russo is a handsome, brooding, most eligible bachelor who is the CEO of the Russo group. He is not too social and would rather be at work than attend a high-class party thrown by his high-society peers. The family name ‘Russo’ comes with responsibilities that his grandfather trained him to take up since childhood. His brother Luca however lives life carefree. Marriage had never crossed Dante’s mind and he hadn’t dated any woman for a long time. Everything about Dante screams grandeur and old money.

Vivian Lau, our female protagonist is a prim and proper daughter of Francis Lau and an heiress of Lau Jewels. Her family became rich by the efforts of Francis Lau and hence is characterised as new money. She is headstrong and tenacious but at the same time, loves her family and is an obedient daughter. Vivian lets her mother dictate her attire and her father make the other important decisions of her life.

She surrenders to their wishes because she is afraid to be disowned. So, when her arranged marriage to Dante is fixed, she does not say a word and quietly accepts. She however does not know that her father blackmailed Dante into this arranged marriage setting. She thinks it’s just a marriage of convenience for the two parties.

Their engagement starts an interesting dynamic of push and pull that finally ends up with them developing undeniable feelings for each other. Dante is now in a fix; he doesn’t know if he should still carry ahead his plans of revenge or not. Any such plans are guaranteed to destroy his newfound relationship with Vivian.

I love you too, even after what you did. Even if I shouldn’t. I love you more than I could ever hate you.

My thoughts on the King of Wrath

To be honest, there is a lot that I love about this book. It gives us a sneak peek into the glamorous world of old money. Exquisite buildings, high-end parties and also all the drama that comes with being so important in society. Of course, all of us have at least once fantasized about being a part of this. We live this dream now through Vivian.

It’s the very first book by Ana Huang that I have read. It’s the first book in the series that are titled after the Seven Sins. The story is quite predictable and what you would expect any love story to be but it’s the writing style that makes it all the more interesting and worth your time.

A review of this book wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the spicy details. One can find the most sensual, fiery, toe-curling romance scenes between the main leads that will leave you wanting for more. However, its not all about the spice and the book actually has a good storyline beyond the steamy romance.

A lot has been mentioned about Dante’s parents. How they left him and his brother in the care of his grandfather because they realized that it wasn’t in them to be home bound and raise a child. It made Dante feel that he needed to be a parent figure for his brother. He is thankful that his grandfather made him who he is today.

Vivian on the other hand had her life obsessively controlled by her parents. Living in a high society as newcomer wasn’t an easy job. They tried everything under their control to fit in. Both had the striking similarity of accepting their fate without much resistance. Such backstories make the readers connect with the characters in question.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The King of Wrath and am looking forward to reading other books from Ana Huang.

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