06 Apr, 2024

I want to die but I want to eat tteokbokki | Book Review

Sometimes you feel low and pessimistic about life. Sometimes you feel you are not good enough. It is normal to feel that way from time to time but what happens when that feeling tends to linger for days, months and even years? ‘I want to die but I want to eat tteokbokki’ is an account […]

4 mins read

Atomic Habits | James Clear| Book review

Introduction From childhood, there was one thing that I couldn’t do, follow a timetable. As a result, my life wasn’t as organized as I would have liked it to be. Although our teachers had always pushed us to be regular, its only much later in life that I realized that success is a by-product of […]

4 mins read

Three Thousand Stitches- book Review

Three Thousand Stitches is a collection of real stories from the life of the author, Sudha Murthy. Whatever she has encountered throughout her journey through life, she has tried to portray it. This book is small yet rich. She has brought to us eleven such stories of helping others, the ugliness of the human race […]

4 mins read