Atomic Habits | James Clear| Book review
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Atomic Habits | James Clear| Book review


From childhood, there was one thing that I couldn’t do, follow a timetable. As a result, my life wasn’t as organized as I would have liked it to be. Although our teachers had always pushed us to be regular, its only much later in life that I realized that success is a by-product of small habits that are repeated every day. May it be in studies or practising a skill, small daily tasks make it easier to achieve your goals. It all comes down to being regular with your work. It all comes down to Atomic Habits.

We live in a world where temptation and distraction is everywhere and often it is difficult to focus on things that we have to do. Just think, it’s easier to scroll on social media than to study a chapter. In this distracted world, James Clear’s advice is a boon.

This valuable teaching has been introduced by the book ‘Atomic Habits’. A book that I wished I had the opportunity to read earlier. It is practically a manual of life or a step-by-step guide

‘Just as atoms are the building blocks of molecules, atomic habits are the building blocks of remarkable results.’

Main Idea of the book

Atomic Habits are small tasks, like atoms, that when repeated every day will help you achieve what you want to achieve. The Author, James Clear has introduced this idea. It has been backed up by his own experiences and is an amalgamation of the ideas in his newsletter.

The first thing the author talks about is how to build identity-based habits instead of outcome-based ones. Identity-based habits tend to stick around for longer while outcome-based ones disappear once the result is achieved. He encourage the readers to be the person who works out regularly instead of focusing on the goal of ‘I want to lose weight.’

Throughout the book, the author has introduced fresh and impressive ideas about how to build good habits as well as break the bad ones. He explains that you have to make the cue obvious, the craving attractive, the response easy and the reward satisfying.

He has introduced tools like Habit stacking, temptation bundling and the two-minute rule which is very effective when it comes to training yourself to attain a good habit. All these tools are well explained and have examples to support them.

‘Habits are compound interest of self-improvement.’

My Thoughts on the Atomic Habits

From the time I heard about this book I have always wondered what can someone write about building habits in one whole book. But turns out, there is a lot to know. This book is a fresh perspective, something new and interesting. The author has made the habit building process much easier.

Although this book is packed with valuable information, it’s in no way boring. The author has managed to keep the book lively by including several real-life examples and examples of other people. He has also described various studies. one such study is the one that has proved that humans imitate other people who they surround themselves with. It is a form of validation of self.

He has written keeping the new age audience in mind and provided advice such as using technology to automate your habits.

This book has been very informative and useful. It is very valuable for people who want to build good habits but often fail to do so. It is also valuable for people who want to get over their bad habits as well. If you follow the advice in this book, you can improve your life for the best. If it is today that you have realized that you want to change then you must grab this book for sure.

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